Tuesday, April 24, 2012

All The Way Sheet music

When I woke up today I checked my favorite site for free sheet music, and I discovered something wonderful. A new song was added to Piano-Sheets.net - All The Way. All The Way by Unkown is a terrific song, and I'm thrilled I could write a post about it.

My brother was visiting me a few days ago. You won't care about him much. He enjoys playing the piano. I wanted to know if he could give me a free lesson on how to play All The Way. All The Way by Unkown is a difficult piece. He started to fiddle around, then wanted me to download and print a music sheet. After I did a little digging around OI discovered All The Way had just been added at Piano-Sheets!
download piano sheets for All The Way by Unkown "Feel the joy... feel the happiness."

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