Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mosh Azizou took an fantastic photo - Psychedelic pitBULL

When I need something better to do I browse mosh pit photos online. I should blog more mosh pit photos like this.

mosh pit - a image of mosh pit im here im high i dont give a fuck.. so if u come just to complain im like "whata the fuck?" MOSHzaic is the name, man im Pit bull terrier.. psycedellic fellow with a swag, yup that's even scarier!! so now,u better be quite and kill your drama.. before this shinny little "thing" inside my mouth bite U like piranha.. MOSH
It's nice to give the original album only since the publisher asked for a link.

I am impatient to hear your comments on this photo, or or just about mosh pit.

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